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Explore the Mediterranean’s uncharted waters with adventure yachting

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The Mediterranean Sea is one of the most popular yachting destinations for several reasons. The crystal-clear sea in various parts of the Mediterranean is the first benefit of sailing these waters. You’ll never forget swimming in the blue lagoons of the Adriatic Sea. Then there’s the moderate and stable climate which ensures great sailing conditions throughout most of the year. However, if you’re renting a charter boat with Yacht IN, you won’t have to worry about this thanks to skilful captains.

Another reason a lot of people sail around the Mediterranean is the large number of charming offshore islands. By visiting these islands and uncharted waters rather than the popular destinations near the shore, you’ll be able to discover untouched nature, find peace like you’ve never experienced and have the best summer vacation.

What are the best yachting locations in the Mediterranean’s uncharted waters?

There are many secret locations that not many people visit so you’ll be able to anchor in peace and explore the island without the crowds. The best way to do this is to experience Croatia’s luxury yacht – this way, you’ll be flexible when discovering the secret islands and free to sail wherever you wish, while also enjoying the luxury of a yacht.

Some offshore islands you should visit when yachting in Croatia are Lastovo, Palagruža and any of the Pakleni islands. There are a lot of islands of volcanic origin which have amazing flora and fauna that you’ve probably never encountered.

The best destinations are the ones you’ll simply stumble upon while exploring the Adriatic Sea. Since Croatia has one of the most rugged coastlines in Europe, there are numerous uninhabited islands with beautiful nature, rocky beaches and deep Mediterranean shade. Explore Dalmatia’s luxury sailing by visiting the furthest islands from the coast and you’ll get a vacation you’ll never forget.

Why should you plan a yachting vacation in the Mediterranean’s uncharted waters?

The main benefit of sailing the uncharted waters and visiting secret uninhabited islands is the peace and quiet. Countries of the Mediterranean are popular tourist destinations so a lot of the most famous cities are crowded during the season. Because of this, you sometimes won’t be able to visit all you want in peace. However, by yachting far away from the coast, you’ll have all the peace of the world and you can spend your time with only the people you invite.If you wish, you don’t have to spend all your time away from other people, so it’s smart you visit the island of Lastovo and similar islands before heading to some of the lesser-known places. Here you’ll still get peace, but also all of the benefits of vacationing in the Mediterranean – great food, wonderful, well-kept beaches and peace. There’s really no downside to yachting in the Mediterranean and it’ll definitely be one of those holidays you remember for life.

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