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Endless Templates, Colors, & More: Elevate Your Invitations with

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Crafting the perfect invitation involves more than just paper and ink – it requires a touch of magic. 

However, many betray this ideal by heading to Staples. Otherwise, we’re forced to hand over the bag to an expensive studio.

But now there’s a third way – On this site, you have access to hundreds of designs, each with its own unique charm. Near infinite opportunities for customization. And prices that’ll make you do a double take.

Choose From A Kaleidoscope Of Colors

Colors inspire, influence, and impact behaviour. So don’t let a studio’s limited palette stifle your creativity. puts over 180 hues at your fingertips. This allows you to choose the perfect color for your event.

You can also customize the color of any element on your card. Who thought an online invitation creator would offer more design flexibility than offline providers? Not us!

Lastly, Basic Invite also does foil. Choose from gold, rose gold, or silver foil, and a flat or raised texture. Do this and you’ll create invitations so good, guests will SAVE them in their scrapbooks!    

Get It Right The First Time – With Custom Samples

However, online invitation creators have one big downside. It’s this – at local studios, not only can you look at sample invitations, you can FEEL the paper, too. 

How disappointing would it be to get your invitation order, only to find they’re poor quality?

So to address this concern, Basic Invite offers custom samples. For a low price, they’ll send you a custom sample of your invitation. 

That way, if something’s not right, you can make changes – before committing to the final order.

Save Your Tongue – Basic Invite Has Lick-Free Envelopes

Sealing envelopes seems simple. But do it dozens of times and you’re bound to miss eventually. Paper cuts hurt. On your tongue? Doubly so.

But when you order from, you won’t have to worry about that. Their invitations ship with “peel and seal” envelopes. After stuffing them, remove the backing and seal the glued end to the envelope – effortless!

Also, these envelopes come in 40 colours. So no matter your invite’s design, you’ll find one that matches.

With Basic Invite, Address Capturing Is A Breeze

Designing an invitation is hard work. But at least it’s fun. Getting addresses? That’s tough, and it’s 100% NOT fun.

But Basic Invite has made this task much easier. Simply share their link on social media – when guests click it, Basic Invite will send them to a form. Within hours, you’ll have dozens of addresses you can click & add to your invites. 

So easy! 

Save On Invites And Cards – Just In Time For Christmas

With the holiday season comes stress. So let carry part of your load. 

Imagine relatives getting personalized cards full of Christmas cute pictures. Attending your company’s holiday party this year? Impress colleagues and leads with bespoke Christmas business cards.
And here’s the best part – for a limited time, is giving you 15% off at checkout. Just enter promo code 15FF51, and you’ll save yourself some decent money!

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