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Honest Review From The First-time Travel on Indochine Cruise Halong

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I just got back from a seriously epic trip to Ha Long Bay. Let me tell you, it is even more stunning in person than in the photos! We are talking about towering limestone karsts rising from emerald water, hidden caves whispering secrets, and fishing residents in floating villages. 

I enjoyed my journey completely with the 5-star services offered by the exquisite Indochine Cruise. We reserved the well-equipped Indochine Suite for about US $207 per person. You might be asking, “How is it so affordable?” The answer is that I booked the package with special summer discounts at However, this cost does not include the transfer fee. 

The Ship 

Launched in 2019, Indochine Cruise is a modern ship that sails through Halong and Lan Ha Bay. With a length of 76.6 m, the cruise has 4 decks with various amenities that can accommodate up to 110 passengers onboard. While not the biggest cruise in the Bay, it finds a sweet spot between providing enough space for amenities and activities.

What sets this cruise apart from others is its two eateries, Tonkin and An Nam. “Tonkin” refers to a style popular in northern Vietnam that takes aesthetic cues from the Tonkin Gulf region. In contrast, you will find a far more comprehensive selection of national dishes at An Nam restaurant. 

Indochine Cruise prioritizes guest relaxation, and the onboard spa reflects that perfectly. Designed as a tranquil sanctuary, it allows you to unwind and rejuvenate after exploring Ha Long Bay’s wonders. For only about US $25.5, you can expect a menu of pampering treatments, including massage and spa, offered by skilled and experienced therapists. Remember that you will have to ask the cruise manager for a booking. 

The outdoor pool is also a must-try place on the ship. Instead of a sprawling pool deck, it features a “plunge pool” on the third deck. You can think of it as a refreshing punctuation mark after a day of exploring hidden coves and dramatic limestone formations. The pool made me get rid of the daily stress while enjoying the tranquil ambiance of Halong Bay. However, I recommend installing lights around the pool to prevent unexpected falls at night. 

As a tranquility lover, the lounge did not disappoint me. Its atmosphere is sophisticated yet inviting, perfect for sipping a cocktail while relaxing on the dulcet sofa. If you want to enjoy the late-night beauty of Halong, book your slot at the night bar. While you sip your drink, bartenders can recommend local specialties or whip up a classic according to your preference. 


The most impressive part about the Indochine Cruise is the cabins! The forty-three luxury staterooms are divided into four categories: Junior Suite, Indochine Suite, Executive Suite, and President Suite. Their size will vary from 32m2 – 80m2 depending on the category. 

My Indochine Suite (42m2) is well-equipped and aims to capture a fusion of European elegance and Southeast Asian influences. You can see Indochinese culture through local textiles or artwork incorporated into the design. The highlight of this cabin is the private jacuzzi tub. I can enjoy the picturesque view of Halong Bay while dipping in the cool water. There is one thing that made me quite annoyed the unstable wifi.


The cuisine is among the most remarkable aspects that many passengers, including myself, find to be excellent. The Indochine Cruise offers excellent and beautifully presented food. The chef was so careful that he put all the food in the chafing dishes to keep them warm. 

There is a huge selection for you in the buffet meals. The special thing is that there are fusion dishes that tastefully blend Vietnamese and Western cuisine. From my experience, the best dishes would be Grilled Black Angus Ribeye Steak served with Vegetables and Crab and Asparagus Soup. The downside is that there are no free drinks for you during the meals, although this is the same for every Halong cruise. 


Whether you are looking for excitement or tranquility, Halong Bay has something for you. So, strap in, as I am about to take you on unforgettable activities. 

Kayaking at Dark & Bright Cave 

This was absolutely my most preferred activity! We were outfitted with life jackets and received a quick safety briefing. As we emerged into Bright Cave, sunlight streamed from a natural opening above, illuminating the emerald water. The limestone cliffs soared around us, dotted

with lush green foliage. While we glided past towering pillars and hidden coves, we were immersed in the beauty of this natural wonder. Our guide highlighted rock formations and even shared some local cave legends. 

Cooking class 

I had a delightful afternoon learning to cook Vietnamese food. We learned how to make classic spring rolls – a top-notch Vietnamese dish. Our patient chef showed us how to prepare each dish step-by-step. He guided us through the vibrant stalls and explained the different ingredients and their uses in the cuisine. 

After the preparation, we got to combine the ingredients nicely. Initially, I was quite confused about which ingredients to put in the rice paper. However, thanks to the chef guide and other members’ help, I finished my food nicely and devoured my creation on the top deck of the cruise. 

Visiting Trung Trang Cave 

On the second day, the cruise took us to Cat Ba Island to visit the most beautiful dry cave in Halong Bay. Trung Trang cave itself isn’t massive, but it packs a punch. As I entered the entrance, the air cooled, and the atmosphere became almost mystical. The ground was quite slippery and rough, so I had to walk slowly to prevent falling down.

Inside, the cave unfolded like a scene from a prehistoric movie. Towering stalactites hung from the ceiling like giant fangs, and the uneven ground crunched under my feet. The only light came from my headlamp, which revealed fascinating rock formations. Looking at information signs hinted at archeological finds, I thought this cave had been a home for ancient Vietnamese people. 


The cruise cost includes all the meals on board, all the activities, and the accommodation. It does not have a transfer fee to Halong, US $40 per passenger for a round trip, and beverages. 

2 Days 1 Night cruise costs from US $169 per person 

3 Days 2 Night cruise cots from US $307 per person I can undoubtedly say that Indochine was one of the best cruises I ever booked. If you are looking for a cruise to visit Halong Bay, then the Indochine Cruise is worth setting sail on. I highly recommend a 2-day 1-night cruise trip for every budget traveler or for those who are on a time-limited trip.

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