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Tips for Traveling with a Safety Razor

In this guide, I am going to provide tips for traveling with a safety razor.  Last year I got a safety razor for Christmas and after a bit of practice, it is now my only razor.

Jess and I prefer to use a safety razor over an electric or disposable razor. Safety razors are not only more sustainable but are also generally the cheapest razor option over time.

However, we also learned that traveling with a safety razor can provide some unique challenges, especially if traveling by plane. The razor blades are easily removable from the razor itself, which can cause some security issues depending on where you are going. So checking regulations and packing them correctly is important.

In this guide, we’re going to provide some of our tips on how to travel with a safety razor based on our experiences so you don’t encounter any issues on your own travels.

What is a Safety Razor?

A safety razor is a type of razor used for shaving hair that has removable blades and a protective guard. The protective device is positioned between the blades and your skin to prevent any deep cuts. The protective device makes it safer to shave with than the old-fashioned barber’s straight edge razors, also known as “cut throat” razors.

Safety razors fell out of popularity with the rise of electric razors, cartridge razors, and disposable razors, which offer a bit more convenience and safety. Currently in the USA, cartridge razors with disposable blade cartridges are the most popular type of razor.

However, safety razors have improved a lot over the years. They now can have flexible heads, cheap recyclable blades, and some models can fit multiple blades. They do still come with a bit of a learning curve and need to be handled carefully but we think the benefits are worth it.

Speaking of benefits, a safety razor does have a number of advantages over a disposable razor. First, there’s no plastic waste from the disposable razor blade heads.

Next, if you buy a model which uses standard razor blades, the cost over time becomes very low as razor blades can be bought for a few cents each.

There are also a wide choice of designs and types of product so you can get the best fit for you.

We personally use the plastic-free Leaf razors. I own the triple-blade Leaf Razor as well as their Twig single blade razor. Jess has a triple-blade Leaf razor.

Leaf’s razors are available in both a single blade and a triple blade version and you can see all their products here.

The triple blade is similar to popular cartridge-based razors so is an easy one to get used to. The single blade is good for precision work but takes a bit more practice to get used to in my opinion.

Leaf razors are easy to clean, work really well and look great. And, from a travel perspective, the razor blades they use are available pretty much everywhere, making it easy to buy them on the go if we need to.

Leaf Safety Razors

Leaf Razor


Tips for How to Travel with a Safety Razor

We have traveled with our safety razors to a number of destinations around the world. However, there are some things to be aware of when traveling with a safety razor, and so we wanted to share some tips with you.

Pack it in a Secure Case

You should always pack your razor in its own case. This will make it both safe and secure. This includes protecting the other items in your bag from the blades as well as any hands that could reach into your bag.

For example, we pack our razor in this metal travel case which is sturdy and lightweight. The case can also hold a pack of extra razor blades. The case fits easily into my toiletry bag.

Speaking of razor blades, if you are going for a longer trip where you will likely want to change blades, you might consider bringing a proper case to store used blades. You can then recycle them safely when you return home.

We use this metal container for holding our used blades, which can be safely recycled in its entirety when full.

Leaf Razor bundle


Are Safety Razors allowed in Carry-on Luggage?

To answer this common question, no, safety razors with the blades installed are not allowed in carry-on luggage on airplanes in most countries. They will need to be put in checked luggage.

Essentially, any product with an easily removable blade, including safety razors and dermaplaners like this, are not permitted in carry-on luggge.

Cartridge based razors, such as the Gilette system, are permitted in carry-on luggage.


Pack Your Razor in Checked Luggage

If you are flying, you are going to want to pack your safety razor in your checked luggage. Razor blades in a closed container are allowed in checked luggage, so this is the best way to travel with them.

Technically, you can travel with the main body of your razor in your carry-on luggage as long as the razor blades themselves are in a closed travel case in your checked luggage.

However, we find it’s easier to use our metal razor travel case and pack everything together in our checked luggage, as this means we then don’t need to remove the blades from the razor.

There have also been reports of airport security confiscating safety razor handles even without the blades installed, so it’s not a risk worth taking in our opinion if you have the option.

Laurence shaving with Leaf Safety Razor


Remove the Blades if Flying Carry-on Only

If you are not traveling with checked luggage, then you will not be able to take the razor blades with you as razor blades are not permitted by most airports or airlines in carry-on luggage.

Straight razor blades are generally not allowed even if the blades are in the razor. With a safety razor the blades are so easy to remove that transportation agencies consider them a high security risk. This is different from a disposable razor which are normally allowed in carry-on luggage.

The good news is that you should still be able to take the actual razor handle with you, and then purchase razor blades when you get to your destination.

If you use a product like the Leaf Shavers which use standard razor blades then you can normally buy new blades very easily and at a low price at your destination. Blades are normally available at drug stores and pharmacies around the world.

Just be aware that not every safety razor uses standard blades, so that will be something to keep in mind when planning. It is best to travel with a safety razor that can use any standard razor blade.

You can read more about flying with safety razors through USA airports as an example on the TSA website here. But you should check the specific airports and airlines related to your travels. If you can’t find anything, it is best to assume that razor blades are not allowed in carry-on luggage.

It’s important to note that airport security ultimately have the last say as to what they deem safe for carry-on travel. We have heard about safety razor handles being confiscated, even without the blades, although this is not typical and not something we have personally experienced.

Travel Safety Razor Leaf Razor


Check Luggage Requirements if Not Flying

When you are flying, there are normally clear rules around what is and what isn’t allowed. When it comes to razors for example, only the safety razor handle is allowed in your carry-on luggage, whilst the blades must be in a closed container in your checked luggage.

However, other forms of transport might also have specific rules. So if taking a cruise, bus tour, or train service where you will need to go through security, you should check the rules related to safety razors. This is particularly important if taking an international trip where you will be going through security screening checks.

For example, the Eurostar passenger train service between the UK and mainland Europe does not permit razor blades. With that service, you carry all your luggage on board. So sharp objects like razor blades (as well as knives etc) are generally not allowed in luggage (see Eurostar rules here). Again, you would want to leave the razor blades behind and purchase them at your destination.

The tip here is that you should always check the rules and regulations around the transport you are taking so you don’t accidentally have your nice safety razor confiscated. We had a friend who had their favorite pocket knife confiscated at a Eurostar security check, which was not a fun experience for them.

If in doubt, I’d just travel without the razor blades and then plan to purchase new blades in your destination.


Don’t Forget your Shaving Accessories

Another tip to remember when traveling with a safety razor is to remember your accessories to ensure you have the same great shaving experience when you travel as when you are at home.

These accessories will depend on you of course, but might include extra razor blades, shaving soap, foam, shaving oil, and/or a shaving brush.

Depending on these accessories and the mode of transport you are taking you will want to pack them accordingly into your carry-on or checked luggage to ensure you are compliant with any regulations.

Laurence shaving with safety razor


Further Reading

We hope this guide helped you understand a little more about the do’s and don’ts of traveling with a safety razor. Before you go, we also wanted to share some more travel and packing tips we’ve put together that you might find useful.

And that’s it! As always, we hope you found our post useful. If you have any questions, just pop them in the comments below and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

A detailed guide to how to travel with a safety razor. Tips and advice on how to pack, if safety razors are allowed on a plane and more!

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