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SimOptions Review: Is This eSIM Worth It?

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Travel has evolved, and so has our reliance on staying connected no matter where we roam. Gone are the days when arriving at a new destination meant being offline until you found a local SIM card vendor. These days, as long as your phone is equipped with eSIM technology, you can download and install an eSIM on your device before you even get to your destination.

There are lots of eSIM providers out there, so sometimes it can be difficult to choose. If you want to know the major ones, I’ve put together a list of the best eSIM providers here.

In this review I’ll be taking a closer look at SimOptions, the world’s first marketplace for eSIM providers, revolutionizing how travelers stay connected abroad. Established in 2014, SimOptions has quickly become a beacon for travelers, offering high-quality prepaid eSIMs for over 200 destinations worldwide.

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About SimOptions

SimOptions stands out by making the process of finding the best eSIM deals as easy as ordering a coffee. This platform acts as a broker among various eSIM providers and also offers its bespoke eSIM products, making it a comprehensive marketplace. Users simply input their destination, and SimOptions presents a range of options, displaying cost, data included, and duration—essentially taking the hassle out of staying connected.

While most eSIM providers just offer their own branded plans, SimOptions is a little different. Alongside their own plans, they also offer eSIMs from other local mobile networks, such as Orange, Bouygues Telecom and O2 in Europe or DTAC in Thailand.

Since 2018 SimOptions has make a point of honor to seek, test and offer the best eSIM possible at the best rate for all over the world, and thanks to the company’s rigorous selection criteria of eSIM you have the guarantee that you’ll receive the highest quality eSIM.

Through partnerships with leading Mobile Network Operators (MNOs), SimOptions ensures a seamless experience during international travel, regardless of the destination.

The company also offers 24/7 support via phone, email and live chat, so you can be rest assured you’ll get prompt assistance from anywhere in the world. Reliable customer support is super important to me, because there have been some times where I’ve had issues installing or activating eSIMs.

How Does It Work?

Simoptions search bar

Using SimOptions is straightforward:

  1. Search: Enter your destination on their website.
  2. Compare: View a list of available eSIM plans, including data allowance, validity, and cost.
  3. Purchase: Choose the best option and buy it directly from the website. Most major credit cards, including American Express, are accepted.
  4. Install: Follow the simple instructions sent via email to download and install eSIM.

When you visit the website, just enter your destination into the search box as shown. You can also search by region such as Europe or Asia. You’ll then be presented with a list of packages from SimOptions and local providers.

Take a look at what’s included in each package before making your option. You’ll want to look at the amount of data, the validity and whether it includes calls and texts. When you’ve made your selection, you’ll be sent to the checkout page to order your eSIM. The site accepts PayPal as well as cards such as Mastercard, Visa and American Express.

Crucial Considerations

Simoptions Benefits

When browsing through SimOptions, keep an eye on:

Data Amount

Estimate your data needs based on your typical usage and travel plans. You can check your data usage by checking your phone bill with your main network provider. Check your monthly usage, then divide it by the number of days you’ll be traveling.

If you’re a heavy Internet user and you plan to be uploading Instagram posts or watching videos, you’ll want to make sure you pick a larger data plan. As a travel blogger, I can easily burn through 25GB of data in a month because I’m using the Internet pretty heavily.


Opt for a package that covers your entire trip, as most cannot be extended. Typically the plans are valid for 7, 10, 14, 15, 28 or 30 days. If you’re planning to head to Europe for two weeks, you’ll want to pick a 14 day or 15 day plan. If you think you might extend your trip and stay in a destination for longer than planned, then you may want to pick a 30-day eSIM.


If you’re traveling to just one country then you’ll just want to type your destination in the search box and choose a SIM.

However, if you’re traveling to multiple countries, then SimOptions offers packages for multiple countries, ideal for multi-destination trips. If you’re traveling to say Spain, Portugal and France, you’ll probably want to purchase a regional Europe eSIM. If you’re traveling to Thailand and Vietnam, then you could purchase a Southeast Asia eSIM.

Local Number

Many eSIMs are data-only; a local number might be necessary for specific apps or services. If you need to be able to make calls or send texts, opt for a package that includes those. SimOptions offers data-only plans as well as packages that include calls and SMS.

Cost and Packages

Screenshot of Simoptions website - eSIM packages for Spain

SimOptions’ pricing is competitive, with options for all types of travelers. For instance, a 1GB data plan for Spain for 7 days can be as low as $4.50. A 3GB plan for 15 days would be $8.50.

At the higher end, an all-EU package through the Orange network, with 12GB of data over 14 days, including a local number and texts, is priced at $29.90. If you wanted 30GB of data this would rise to $49.90.

One thing I’ve noticed about SimOptions is that there isn’t much variety with their own branded data plans. For Spain, they only have a 1GB plan or a 3GB plan, with validity of 7 or 15 days respectively. If you want more data or longer plan durations, you’ll have to purchase an O2, Bouygues Telecom or Orange eSIM.

Comparing to Other Providers

Simoptions eSIM for France

Let’s imagine I’m traveling to France this summer.

If I purchase an eSIM with SimOptions, I can get 1GB of data with a validity of 7 days for $4.50. I could also get 5GB of data with a validity of 30 days for $14.

If I check the prices on major competitor aloSIM, I can get 1GB for 7 days at $4.50, or 5GB for 30 days at $14. So this is the exact same price as SimOptions.

SimOptions is therefore fairly priced. When it comes to larger data plans over 10GB, SimOptions has more options than aloSIM, because they offer a wider variety of plans from major networks.

Where aloSIM only offers a 10GB plan or 20GB plan, SimOptions offers plans with 12GB, 15GB and even 30GB of data. Some of these even come with a local number, whereas aloSIM plans are data only. So if you plan to be using more data or need a local number, then you’re probably best off with choosing an eSIM with a major mobile network from SimOptions.

One thing I should point out is that there are some providers that will offer unlimited data plans, like Holafly. For France, Holafly offers unlimited data for 19 euros for 5 days, 27 euros for 7 days, 34 euros for 10 days, or 47 euros for 15 days. If you’re a very heavy Internet user then you may want to consider these, although they’re more expensive. It all just depends on your needs.

Installation and Activation

Simoptions eSIM installation

Before you purchase your plan and get started, make sure your device is eSIM compatible. You can check the full list of devices here:

If you have the iPhone 15, then your device can store up to eight eSIM profiles and you can have up to 2 activated at any one time. Since I’m a British expat living in the U.S., I currently have an eSIM for my regular U.S. provider, plus a UK eSIM for receiving two-factor authentication codes for my UK accounts back home.

Getting started with your eSIM from SimOptions is a breezy process. Just ensure your phone supports eSIM technology, purchase your plan, and follow the instructions to download and activate your eSIM, typically involving scanning a QR code.

  • Scan the QR code you receive in the email
  • Make sure your Wi-Fi is on and go into the mobile settings to turn on the received eSIM
  • Your eSIM is ready to use!

Limitations and Considerations

While SimOptions offers an extensive array of choices, it’s not exhaustive. Their market includes many major network providers such as O2 and Orange, plus their house brand. However, it might omit newer or smaller eSIM providers. Therefore, while SimOptions offers convenience and competitive pricing, exploring other options if you have specific needs not met by their selection is wise.

Final Thoughts

SimOptions has carved a unique niche in the travel telecom sector with its comprehensive, user-friendly marketplace. Its commitment to quality, coverage, and competitive pricing positions it as an essential tool for modern travelers. However, as in any tech-based service, assessing personal needs and exploring all options ensures the most value. SimOptions is undoubtedly a game-changer for travel connectivity, promising a more connected, hassle-free travel experience.

I hope this review provides a thorough insight into SimOptions and its eSIM services. Safe travels!

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