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Reasons why you should book a weekend hot tub break

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When it comes to booking a holiday it’s always tempting to try and limit the extras you go for. Especially with how things have been in recent years the idea of indulging can seem a little harder to argue.

But, there’s quite the case for including a hot tub in your holiday plans, and if you book at the right time then you won’t even have to worry about a higher price tag. So, if you’re trying to justify the idea of going for weekend hot tub breaks – then look no further.

Good for stress relief

Probably the main reason any of us go on holiday is to get away from the daily grind for at least a little bit. In the modern world it’s hard to avoid stress and that all builds up over time, whether it’s from your job, your landlord or just commuter traffic. 

And a hot tub break is the perfect way to deal with that stress.

Thanks to the action of the bubble jets and the warmth of the water, hot tubs have been shown to work well at relieving stress. It’s a similar effect to how a weighted blanket functions, with the feeling of the gentle pressure from the water working to calm the nervous system.

However tense you are stepping into a hot tub, you’re unlikely to come out holding nearly as much stress in your body after a good soak.

Treats aches and pains

If you’ve spent a long day out and about doing activities then there’s few things as good to come back to as a private hot tub, just waiting to be enjoyed. 

It doesn’t matter if you’ve gone for a long cycle or have simply spent the day wandering about a town, you’re probably going to start feeling the effects of it in the evening.

So, don’t let sore feet or aching muscles ruin the vibe. Rather than worrying about how those aches and pains could make the next day harder, spend some time in the hot tub and let it take care of them.

Studies have shown that the bubbles and heat of hot tubs have a soothing effect on aches, and can even have a degree of healing properties. It’s hard to argue against splashing out for an extra hot tub if it’s medicinal!

Great for socialising

Once the evening rolls around a lot of us are guilty of breaking out our phones, even when we’re with other people or on holiday. If the group is sitting around in a lounge then it’s a lot easier to reach for those screens, rather than properly focusing on the moment and the conversation.

But, if you happen to be hanging out in a hot tub, that problem goes away! When everyone has to leave their phones behind for a bit it makes socialising that much more rewarding, and less prone to distractions. It’s a great way to enforce some proper family time, too.

Give yourself a place to reflect

A lot of holidays tend to feel like they pass in the blink of an eye, with time rushing by far faster than you’d like it to. If you give yourself too much to do it can also eat away at the opportunities for you to just relax and enjoy your time away.

One of the best things of having your own hot tub while on holiday is that it gives you the perfect place to just sit for a bit. After all, you’re still technically doing something, it just happens to be a lot more relaxed than rushing off to the next activity or restaurant.

Having the excuse to simply soak in the hot tub for a while and let yourself process the day is bound to help your break feel that little bit more relaxing.

Now you’ve got a starting point, we’re sure that you can come up with even better arguments for booking that weekend hot tub break you’ve been thinking about.

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