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Not to Skip Food and Restaurants in Bodrum

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Bodrum is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Turkey. Apart from the beautiful sites, there are also many delicious foods and restaurants in Bodrum to explore. Its cuisine is mainly influenced by Ottoman and Aegean cultures. In addition to a wide variety of recipes made from herbs coming from the mountains, sea dishes are the crown jewel of Bodrum gastronomy.

We think the restaurants below will allow you to taste real the Bodrum and Turkish dishes.

Note: Please confirm the days and hours restaurants are open before visiting, considering the hours vary in different seasons.

Here is an overview:

Top Restaurants in Bodrum

Bodrum comes alive during the Summer months, offering a lively offering of restaurants along the beachfront for visitors to enjoy. If you’re looking for something delicious to eat in Bodrum, these restaurants will be sure to satisfy you.

Gemibaşı – Fish Restaurant

Gemibaşı Restaurant, a classic of Bodrum, is a popular place for locals and visitors. It always manages to please its customers with its great location at the marina, delicious fish and other seafood alternatives, and hot and cold appetizers.

Meal at the restaurant Gemibasi Marina in Bodrum, Turkey.

Havandan – Modern Eatinghouse

Havandan is characterized by its modern interpretation of various traditional Turkish and Aegean flavors. They use various spices, dried fruits and nuts in their dishes.

After their success in Istanbul, they have also become very popular with their restaurants in Bodrum. The service is friendly, and the atmosphere is quiet and elegant.

Cökertme Kebab at the restaurant Havandan in Bodrum, Turkey.
Cökertme Kebab at the restaurant Havandan in Bodrum, Turkey.

İki Sandal – Traditional Aegean Meyhane

If you want to experience a real tavern, we recommend İki Sandal, with its historical building and a wide variety of delicious appetizers. The place, which means two boats, is impressive because of its historical buildings and beautiful views. With its friendly staff and warm ambiance, you will feel comfortable and not want the night to end.

The restaurant, whose menu consists of historical Safarad, Armenian, Circassian and Aegean recipes, impresses especially with its starters.

Fresh dish at the İki Sandal restaurants in Bodrum, Turkey.
Fresh dish at the İki Sandal restaurant in Bodrum, Turkey.

Kısmet – Local Eating House

Kısmet is a family business where you can taste traditional local delicacies. If you want to taste the traditional and local dishes of Bodrum, we recommend you stop by Kısmet for lunch, which is mostly open during the day.

Don’t forget to try their traditional desserts at the end of your meal.

Different dishes at the Kısmet restaurant in Bodrum, Turkey.
Different dishes at the Kısmet restaurant in Bodrum, Turkey.

Kurul Bitez – Turkish Kebab Restaurant

Board Bitez is a very tasty kebab restaurant. Since one of its partners is a famous Turkish artist, you can see artistic influences and design elements in its decoration. In addition to the stylish interior atmosphere, it also has a cute and comfortable garden. The fact that you can listen to Turkish music is also a plus.

In addition to its hot and cold appetizers, it also impresses with the taste and homelike presentation of its kebabs.

Different dishes at the Kurul Bitez restaurant in Bodrum, Turkey.
Different dishes at the Kurul Bitez restaurant in Bodrum, Turkey.

Memedof Restaurant – Fish Restaurant

Memedof is a classic fish restaurant on the beach of Milta Marina. It is one of the best fish restaurants in Bodrum.

Among the wide variety of appetizers, Şevket-i Bostan, which comes from the Aegean Mountains, is our favorite. If you want to eat good fish, we recommend you make a reservation as they are very busy during the season.

Meal at the Memedof Restaurant in Bodrum, Turkey.
Meal at the Memedof Restaurant in Bodrum, Turkey.

Nazik Ana Restaurant – Casual Local Eating House

If you’re looking for a casual alternative and want to experience Turkish and Aegean home cooking, Nazik Ana is an economical option.

This restaurant is a savior for us (Local Story Bodrum) and local vendors with its affordable, healthy and delicious meals. Vegetarian options available.

Meal at the Nazik Ana Restaurant in Bodrum, Turkey.
Meal at the Nazik Ana Restaurant in Bodrum, Turkey.

Trafo Bodrum – Aegean Cuisine

If you want to try Bodrum Çökertme Kebab, which has a geographical sign of Bodrum, you can try Trafo, which Bodrum Municipality operates. It also impresses with its view and stylish atmosphere by the sea.

Trafo, which is more economical than other restaurants but has good quality service, offers many alternatives with meat, vegetables and seafood.

View from the Trafo restaurant in Bodrum Turkey.
View from the Trafo restaurant in Bodrum Turkey.

Guided Walking Tour – Cuisine, Crafts and Culture

Would you like to experience real Bodrum local cuisine, such as Special Vegetable Bodrum Döner, kokoreç, ayran, baklava, mussel dolma and others?

Join the Cuisine Crafts and Culture Tour where you will learn more about Bodrum, listen to stories and taste local cuisine. The local food spots on this tour are different from those listed above.

Discover Bodrum’s vibrant Turkish culture, artistry, and flavors on our 2.5-hour cultural adventure. Join your friendly guide as you meander through the charming streets, where the sweet scent of blooming bougainvillea fills the air. Explore local boutiques in the lively bazaar, uncover hidden art galleries showcasing Bodrum’s creative scene, and indulge in delicious street food and delectable treats. Sip on authentic Turkish coffee and receive personalized attention from your guide in a small-group tour limited to 10 guests.

Key Features:

  • Take a leisurely stroll through the picturesque coastal town of Bodrum, admiring the colorful bougainvillea under the sunny skies.
  • Immerse yourself in Turkish culture and lifestyle in this enchanting Mediterranean destination.
  • Browse the bustling stalls of Bodrum Bazaar, where local artisans display traditional crafts, jewelry, and artwork.
  • Visit a renowned Turkish rug and carpet workshop to learn about the craftsmanship behind these beloved items.
  • Explore Bodrum’s artistic side by discovering locally made masterpieces in off-the-beaten-path creative hubs.
  • Indulge in a variety of mouthwatering street foods like döner, baklava, köfte, and more, while receiving insider tips from your guide.
  • Experience personalized service and attention throughout the tour with our small group setting limited to 10 participants.

Price: from $95
Instant confirmation
Free cancelation until 48 hour before

Book this tour directly with your guide.

You can look forward to trying at least four different types of tasty local street food, sipping on traditional (non-alcoholic) cold beverages, and enjoying a cup of Turkish coffee or tea. And don’t worry—there are vegetarian options available, too!

This tour operates every day of the week except for Fridays. It’s also super convenient as it’s wheelchair and stroller accessible, so everyone can join the fun. Parents, feel free to bring along your little ones under two years old as well.

If you’re interested in shopping for authentic Turkish rugs or carpets, we’ve got you covered! After booking, simply let your guide know, and they can arrange a visit to a top-notch local store with lower prices and free shipping. Just a reminder: this store requires reservations, so please make serious inquiries only.

Oh, and one more thing to note: most of the tour takes place in shady spots so that you can stay cool and comfortable throughout. And if your plans change, no worries – you’ll get a full refund if you cancel more than 48 hours before the activity starts.

Get ready to eat, drink, and explore – it’s going to be a fantastic experience!

Fun Guided Walk with Local Story Bodrum.
Fun Guided Walk with Local Story Bodrum.

  • Local Story Bodrum

    Join Local Story Bodrum as we wander through the Old Town’s narrow, cobbled streets, where skilled artisan makers have been producing the finest quality arts and crafts for generations. Escape the tourist trail with Local Story Bodrum and experience the authentic side of this elegant and traditional Mediterranean town.

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