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Jyväskylä region: Exploring Finlands UNESCO Treasures

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Want to experience a unique adventure in Finland? In the picturesque landscapes of Jyväskylä region, tradition meets modernity.

Join me as I embark on a tour to Jyväskylä, that includes not just sightseeing but gives you a glimpse into the essence of Finnish life and its UNESCO-listed treasures.

Here is my guide to visiting Jyväskylä:

Start your journey to Jyväskylä at Helsinki-Vantaa Airport

Your journey begins at Helsinki-Vantaa Airport, where the easiest way to reach Jyväskylä with Finnair on a regonal domestic connection flight making your whole transfer super easy.

Alternatively, you can take a comfortable train ride with VR. You may have to change trains once or twice, but the journey is pleasant and easy, taking about 3.5 hours.

Our tour took us to Jyväskylä by coach, which is an alternative to the rail. I recommend checking out OnniBus for a bus to Jyväskylä.

Loads of transport options to reach Jyväskylä!

Enjoy the sauna at Sataman Viilu sauna restaurant

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If you want to have a distinctively Finnish experience in Jyväskylä, I recommend visiting the brand-new sauna restaurant Sataman Viilu.

A newly constructed building showcases modern Finnish design in a relaxing and minimilist environment connecting nature and it’s surroundings.

Here you can dive into the heart of Finnish culture by having an authentic sauna experience, followed by a plunge into icy waters.

This ritual embodies the Finnish spirit of resilience and rejuvenation. It’s truly a great way to refresh yourself!

After the sauna session, indulge in a hearty Finnish dinner with local flavours that celebrate the region’s rich culinary heritage.

When in Jyväskylä, Stay at Boutique Hotel Yöpuu

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Retire to the comfort of Boutique Hotel Yöpuu, located in the city centre of Jyväskylä.

This is where modern luxury meets traditional charm.

Their rooms are all unique with different themes in design, which is a cool concept.

It was like staying at a traditional Finnish home with loads of history from Finlands past displayed on the walls.

The Weekend Finnish Breakfast was also worth enjoying with a nice selection of smoked Salmon and Kerelia pies.

Get to know aviation history at the Finnish Air Force Museum

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The next day, delve into Finland’s aviation history with a visit to the Finnish Air Force Museum. It’s located in Tikkakoski, around 20km from Jyväskylä.

Their main exhibition covers Finnish military aviation history from the 1910s to the present day.

Spend some time exploring the displays and get to know the stories of bravery and innovation that have shaped the nation’s aviation. I had a great time using their flight simulator!

Rural tranquillity at Ränssin Kievari

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The journey continues to the 180-year-old farmhouse of Ränssin Kievari, which is situated on the shores of a lake in a picturesque rural setting near Jyväskylä.

It’s a lovely place in the middle of the serene wilderness where you can savour the simple pleasures of life with campfire coffee and sizzling sausages, arranged by Hyväntähen Wilderness & Nature Services.

Now, this is the way to get a true taste of Finnish hospitality surrounded by nature.

Sacred heritage: Petäjävesi Old Church, a UNESCO World Heritage Site

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Continuing our UNESCO journey, we arrive at Petäjävesi to have a look at the Petäjävesi Old Church.

A testament to Finland’s cultural legacy, this 18th-century wooden church stands as a symbol of enduring faith and architectural finesse.

Advance visit booking should be arranged with the tourism office as you must open the church with a gigantic key! It is not frequently left open outside of scheduled service hours due to fire safety concerns.

No electricity or running water can be found on location, and special fire measures have been put into place to protect the building as they manage lighting in the evening by traditional candles.

To look at all the incredible wood carvings around the building, it’s amazing to see the work that has gone into the construction of the church; it’s worth spending some time here looking at the woodworking details.

When the church was constructed, they didn’t have the power tools or technology to create the plans; it was all constructed by hand and skills.

Relax in Rustic elegance at Farmhouse Kumpunen with a Finnish smoke sauna

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As the day ends, you’ll want to retire to the peaceful surroundings of Farmhouse Kumpunen.

Enjoy a delicious dinner with local delicacies and then, try out a unique Finnish experience – the Finnish smoke sauna.

Relax in the gentle heat and aromatic wood smoke that soothes both the body and soul.

A truly special experience to try when travelling around Finland.

Admire the stunning views at Oravivuori UNESCO site

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Our final UNESCO destination is the Oravivuori nature trail and hill in Puolakka. Oravivuori Arc Point is part of the Struve Geodetic Arc, which represents the cultural heritage of science and technology. 

In 2005, the Struve Geodetic Arc was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It encompasses a chain of survey triangulation measurements spanning over 2,820km in ten countries.

Established between 1816 and 1855, it aimed to determine the Earth’s size and shape. 

Oravivuori provides stunning views of Lake Päijänne from atop its hill viewing platform, which you can hike to by following the marked pathway.

The Puolakka measuring station, marked by a commemorative triangulation tower, symbolises the crucial role it played in mapping Finland.

A very different UNESCO World Heritage Site for sure, but one of a few selected locations that can be found across Finland and Jyväskylä region has two of them!

Saying goodbye to the Jyväskylä region

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As our tour comes to an end, we say goodbye to the Jyväskylä region and head back to Helsinki by coach transfer.

Exploring Finland’s UNESCO sites in Jyväskylä region provides a unique view into Finnish life and heritage.

From indulging in an authentic sauna experience to delving into aviation history, each stop offers a fascinating glimpse into Finland’s past and present. And let’s not forget the architectural and culinary traditions.

Jyväskylä offers a little bit of something to everyone.

Thank you for reading my blog post about my cultural journey to Jyväskylä, Finland

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Thank you for passing by my blog and reading my two-day UNESCO itinerary to explore Jyväskylä, Finland.

I hope you found this article useful when planning your next trip to Finland.

Have an amazing time discovering Jyväskylä, Finland! It’s a beautiful place to explore!

If you have any further questions about my trip, please email me; I’m more than happy to help. 

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