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How To Wear A Sling Bag Properly

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The Sling bag is a perfect alternative to large laptop backpacks and small handbags. You can keep a lot of important essentials in this minimalist bag and wear it decently in multiple ways. If you are going for a long walk to the restaurant or you come out for a morning jog or you are riding a bicycle, a Sling bag will help you to carry along. But, you need a separate wearing style for all. In this blog, We will discuss 4 popular wearing styles of Sling bags.

Over Your Chest

This is the most important style of wearing a Sling bag. In this style, the Strap lies diagonally on your shoulder, and the bag rests over your front. If you are up for a long walk, adopt this style of wearing a Sling bag. You can carry your mobile and wallet in the zipper pocket. As the bag rests right in front of your eyes, it will help you to save your valuable things from being stolen. The ‘Over Your Chest’ wearing style is quite popular among ladies. They wear a bag-making combination with their wardrobe.

Over The Back

This is another widely adopted method of wearing a Sling bag. In this style, the bag’s Strap lies diagonally over the shoulder, and the bag rests over your back. If you are running or riding a bicycle, you can adopt this style. This way of wearing a bag will make you comfortable during your journey. If you are running and wear the bag over your chest, the bag will irritate you by coming in front of you again and again. But, in this style, it will make it hassle-free to adjust the bag. You can comfortably continue your jogging or riding. This style will also allow you to enjoy the front scenes without focusing on your bag.

On Your Shoulder

The ‘On Your Shoulder’ style is quite popular among students. They carry their important college essentials in the Sling Bag. In this style, You keep the bag on your shoulder just like a regular Tote. This style is not recommended for long walks as it will tire your shoulder and put strain if worn for a long time. The people adopting this style are often habitual of throwing the bag quickly on your shoulder. Because, they have to wear it, put it off again and again. So no need to stretch your body again and again.

Around Your Waist

This ‘Around Your Waist’ style is popular among people who travel a lot. In this style, the bag’s Strap is tightly tied around the waist like a bag. People who have to carry a suitcase with them or wear large backpacks adopt this style. The bag is tied right in the middle of your body; it does not irritate the carriers and allows them to comfortably wear their large backpacks. This style also relaxes your back and front as all the burden is handled by the hips.


In conclusion, Sling bags have become very popular due to their minimalist design and comfortable wearing styles. We have discussed four main styles of wearing a Sling bag. i) Over the chest, ii) Over the back, iii) On the shoulder, and iv) Around your chest. Every style is suitable for wearing on separate occasions. Learn more about Bags.

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