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How Much Does a Uganda Safari Cost?

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Planning a trip to Uganda for a safari? Wondering about the Uganda safari cost? You’re not alone in trying to figure this out. Many travelers ask the same question, but the cost varies quite a bit.

The amount you’re willing to spend plays a big part in determining the cost. But it’s not just about your budget. Several factors affect the price, including where you stay, how you get around, how long your trip is, when you go, which parks you visit, and what activities you do.

All these elements come together to shape your Uganda safari cost. Keep reading for a breakdown of the different costs.

How Much Does a Uganda Safari Cost?

A Uganda safari can be luxury, mid-range, or budget, and the cost will be determined by the level of safari you choose.

Depending on their safari budget, one person might need $345 to $1000 per day. The price includes transport, accommodation, meals, a guide, and activities. 

  • Budget safari: $300 to $350 per day
  • Mid-range: $350 to $600 per day
  • Luxury: $600 to $1000 and even more per day
Group of travelers on a safari in Uganda

Factors That Influence Your Uganda Safari Cost

A few factors influence the cost of a safari in Uganda.

Here are the most influential factors:

Your Chosen Mode of Transport

The mode of transport determines the cost of a Uganda safari. Tourists can use road or air transport.

The cost of a Uganda safari for a traveler who uses road transport is a bit lower than for a traveler who uses air transport. For road transport, the type of vehicle used also determines the cost of a safari because some are expensive, like extended land cruisers, and others are cheap, like safari vans. 

The Standard of Accommodation

There are budget, mid-range, and luxury lodges in different tourism destinations within the country.

Where to stay for the night determines the cost of the safari because lodge owners have different prices. Luxury accommodations will raise the cost of a safari, while mid-range or budget accommodation will lower the prices.

Buffalo Safari Lodge in Uganda
Buffalo Safari Lodge in Uganda

The Number of People Traveling

The cost of a Uganda safari tends to be lower when the number of people traveling is high, and the reverse is true. When more than one person is traveling, the price reduces, and this is because transport is shared, the guide is the same, and the accommodation can be shared.

However, if one person is traveling, they pay all that is needed for the safari, so they pay much more money than people who travel in a group.

Duration of the Safari

The number of days a safari will last determines its cost in Uganda. A few days’ itinerary will reduce the money needed on a safari compared to a longer itinerary. This is because the longer one stays, the more activities, accommodation, safari guides, fuel, food, and transport will increase the price. 

The National Parks That You Visit

There are over 10 national parks in Uganda, and the prices for entrance fees and other park activities differ. For example, Murchison Falls National Park’s entrance fee is a bit expensive compared to the rest of the country’s national parks.

Activities like night game drives are also more expensive than the rest of the country’s parks. 

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Taking a boat in Murchison Falls National Park
Taking a boat in Murchison Falls National Park

Time of the Year

The cost of a Uganda safari will be a bit high during the dry season, which is also known as the peak season, compared to the rainy season, which is also known as the low season.

Safaris are expensive in the dry season because the lodges increase prices because many people are in the park. Prices reduce in the low season because a few people are traveling, and lodge owners reduce prices to attract the few. 


The activities on a safari will determine its cost. Each activity has a fee, meaning that the more safari activities, the higher the price. Expensive activities like gorilla trekking and habituation also increase the price of a safari. Tourists visiting Uganda for a safari and not participating in expensive activities will find the cost affordable. 

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The cost of different activities in Uganda National Parks

These are the average costs of each main activity in the different Uganda National Parks. Note that these costs vary, and it’s always best to contact tour operators in the area for the most updated pricing. You can contact Africa Adventure Vacations for a personalized itinerary based on your budget.

Expect the below costs for the different activities on your Uganda safari:

  • Gorilla tracking: $800 FNR, 700 FR, 500 ROA, UGX300,000 EAC
  • Gorilla habituation: $1500 FNR, $1000 FR/ROA, UGX750,000 EAC
  • Chimpanzee tracking: $250 FNR, $200 FR, UGX180,000 EAC
  • Chimpanzee habituation: $300 FNR, $250 FR, UGX250,000 EAC
  • Night game drives: $30 FNR, 20 FR, UGX30,000 EAC  
  • Birding and nature walks: $40 FNR, $30 FR, UGX30,000 EAC
  • Golden monkey tracking: $60 FNR, $40 FR, UGX40,000 EAC
  • Golden monkey habituation: $100 FNR, $80 FR, UGX100,000 EAC
  • Mountain climbing: $50 FNR, $40 FR, UGX50,000 EAC per day.
  • Boat rides: $30 FNR, $25 FR, UGX30,000 EAC 

Average costs in 2024.

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Mountain Gorilla-Tracking Safari in Uganda
Mountain Gorilla-Tracking Safari in Uganda

Are You Ready to Book Your Ugandan Safari?

The Uganda safari cost varies widely, shaped by your choices in accommodation, transport, travel companions, duration, parks visited, seasons, and activities. From budget-friendly adventures to luxurious escapades, each decision you make tailors the cost of your unique experience.

Opting for group travel, selecting activities wisely, and traveling during off-peak seasons can help manage expenses. For the most personalized and cost-effective planning, consulting with tour operators like Africa Adventure Vacations is recommended. Uganda’s diverse landscapes and wildlife are ready to offer unforgettable experiences, ensuring every dollar spent enriches your journey.

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