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Epic Ways To Enjoy Your Costa Rica Vacation

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Are you planning to visit Costa Rica soon? Do you want to get the most out of your adventure and create lifelong memories? We have created a guide to turn a traditional Costa Rica vacation into an epic adventure you’ll talk about for years. Skip the chain hotels and over populated tourist attractions and enjoy a Costa Rica vacation unlike anything else.

Visit as Many Waterfalls as You can

Costa Rica is home to an abundance of beautiful waterfalls, so visiting as many as possible should be a part of your trip plans. Many agree that the La Fortuna Waterfall is one of the most beautiful in the region, but you can visit and decide for yourself. You’ll find La Fortuna near the Arenal Volcano, making it a perfect dual-trip itinerary. 

The Rio Celeste Waterfall in Guanacaste is also worth a visit. Located within the Tenorio Volcano National Park, this waterfall is worth the trek. Bright blue coloring paired with the open sky is a sight everyone should see at least once. Other waterfalls to add to your itinerary include La Paz Waterfall Gardens and Bajos del Toro Waterfall, both in the Cloud Forest.

Skip the Hotel and Opt for a Private Estate

Skip the chain hotel on this trip and enjoy a luxury experience with a private Costa Rica vacation rental. Nestled deep in the Costa Rican jungle, you can get an authentic experience of the country here. Spend your mornings waking up on your private deck overlooking the aquatic blue waters, or unwind after a day spent exploring with your own private local chef. Stay cool in the three-sided infinity pool, or doze off with the stars twinkling from your private window. A private estate is also large enough for multi-generation families or wedding parties, allowing you to stay together but still offering everyone their own privacy.

Indulge in the Local Cuisine

Foodies will enjoy indulging in the local cuisine of Costa Rica. Soda Viquez in Tabacon and Soda La Naranja in Montezuma are both excellent options that allow you to taste some of the best flavors in the country. You’ll find rice and beans are an important part of most Costa Rican meals. Potatoes, pork, and beef are also commonly found on the menus.

Of course, hiring your own chef allows you to create a specialty menu with your favorite dishes right from the comfort of your vacation rental. Your local chef will create a menu made of authentic dishes, including Gallo Pinto, Tres Leches, Casado, and Arroz Con. Don’t forget about a coffee-tasting tour in Costa Rica, too. Costa Rica has a rich coffee history that makes for an educational and delicious tour. On a guided tour, a local will take you to some of the best coffee houses in the country, where you’ll get to learn more about how the coffee is made while taste testing and finding your favorite flavors.

Capture a Picture on a Hanging Bridge

A visit to Costa Rica isn’t complete without a picture on one of the many hanging bridges. You’ll find suspended bridges in most of the national parks, but a few of the best include La Fortuna/Arenal at the Mistico Hanging Bridges Park or the Sky Adventures Hanging Bridges. You can explore the hanging bridges on your own or sign up for a guided tour. If adrenaline is your thing, you might enjoy a ziplining tour within one of the parks.

Book a Private Sunset Sailing and Snorkeling Tour

Turn your Costa Rica getaway into a romantic experience with a private sunset sailing tour. Rent your own private catamaran and sip champagne as the sun sets over the ocean. Consider signing up for a snorkeling tour if you want something more family-friendly. Most boat rentals come with your own captain, so you can sit back and enjoy the beautiful views.

You could also sign up for a larger sunset tour and share the costs with other groups. You won’t get as personalized of an experience, but you’ll still get to enjoy a Costa Rican sunset. Some of these tours even include lunch or dinner on board. Others take you to some of the best waterfront locations.

Go Whale Watching

Another adrenaline-producing experience you can find in Costa Rica is a whale-watching tour. Whales are commonly found in Costa Rica’s ocean waters, primarily the humpback whale. The best whale-watching season in Costa Rica is from December to March and then again from July to October. Check out the Osa Peninsula and the Gulf of Papagayo (Guanacaste) for a better chance of watching whales. Guided tours are also a great way to ensure you get your fair share of whale sightings, as they tend to know where to go.

Costa Rica is the perfect backdrop for a memorable and epic vacation. Whether you’re planning a romantic getaway or a friend’s meet-up, you’ll find plenty of adventure and entertainment in Costa Rica. Make your trip even more memorable with a private luxury rental or by booking a boat for the day.

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