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A Journey to Muonio, Finland on a Winter Lapland Adventure

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Nestled within the pristine wilderness of Pallas-Yllästunturi National Park, Muonio beckons with its untouched landscapes and the promise of an authentic Lapland Winter experience.

This village, renowned for having the cleanest air in the world, boasts over 20 fells, 200 lakes, and a remarkable eight seasons, inviting us to embrace a slower pace of life amidst nature’s wonders.

Muonio, Finland, is the perfect destination for your winter adventure in Lapland. It offers a host of unique activities, such as husky safaris and northern light spotting.

All aboard the Kolari Night sleeper Train from Helsinki to Kolari

The best way to reach Muonio from Helsinki is by taking an overnight sleeper train service to Kolari railway station.

Did you know that Kolari railway station is Finland’s northernmost train station?

Your adventure to Muonio commences from the bustling and convenient Helsinki City Centre Railway Station.

You have two choices of train cabin sleeper rooms, both with two single bunks each, which can be shared or booked to remain private.

One option has a built-in room ensuite with toilet, wash sink and shower, whilst the other cheaper room option only offers the two single cabin bunk beds. The toilet and shower rooms are on a shared communal and can be found throughout the train.

We board the night train, each of us settling into our cabins for the next 14-hour journey.

As the train glides towards Kolari railway station, we anticipate the Arctic chill that awaits, with temperatures that can plunge as low as -40°C.

It’s essential to wear a multiple-layer system to stay warm during the Finnish Wintertime.

Once you reach Kolari, the journey to Muonio can be arranged by a private transfer service, which takes around an hour to complete.

Arrival in Muonio: Unveiling the Charms of Harriniva Adventure Resort


We awaken to the gentle rhythm of the train and enjoy a satisfying breakfast from your cabin, eager for the day’s adventures.

Upon arrival at Kolari, our prearranged transfer whisks us away on the final hour journey from Kolari to Muonio.

Our journey unfolds as we arrive at Harriniva Adventure Resort, our base for the coming days.

A true Lapland home away from home experience.

Harriniva Adventure Resort is a network of accommodations, services, dining arrangements and adventure activities.

If I were to spend my time in Muonio, being based in Harriniva Adventure Resort and arranging everything with them directly would be the best way to ensure an amazing time.

After settling in, we indulge in a delightful lunch and a fascinating presentation on the region.

Harriniva Adventure Resort also offer winter rental gear to keep warm during your adventures in Muonio,

Donning the winter attire fitted by Harriniva staff, we prepare for our first exciting activity.

Heading out on a Husky Safari in Muonio


Harriniva Adventure Resort offers various husky safari durations, from 5-day expeditions to a few hours of adventure.

Opting for the shortest Husky safari adventure trip, which lasted a few hours, allowed me to get a taste of the experience.

As you enter the complex, you have a safety briefing and a Husky driving lesson before you start.

There are two to a husky sledge, one driving and one sitting. You can opt to rotate halfway if you wish, so communicate this with your co-sledge buddy who wants to go first and whether you want to switch around.


As you walk to your sledge, you will be surrounded by eager husky dogs in their pens, wanting to go out on a run. The lucky ones who get selected start to gear up and are connected to your sledge.

The incredible thing about husky dogs is their pure energy; they want to go and run and love being out in the snow doing what they do.

It’s an incredible experience forming bonds with these remarkable animals. All have different characteristics and personalities.

After a few hours, I was tempted to go out and book the 5-day safari; it was a super fun experience.

A few hours is short, but enough to get a taste of the experience.

The Husky safari guides do a great job looking after them all and getting you ready for your Husky safari.


As night falls, we’re treated to a sumptuous traditional Finnish dinner in a kota, a Finnish wilderness smokehouse. We are treated to open-fire grilled Salmon with jacket potatoes.

Finnish Salmon on the grill is just out of this world, and you have to try it, especially when it has been prepared in a Kota.

Muonio has a good chance of Nothern lights, Aurora Borealis


Experience the most excellent show in nature: Northern lights, the Aurora Borealis, and magic under the Arctic sky.

Muonio offers a high chance of spotting due to its great location, clear skies, and low light pollution.

During the active season, expect to see the Northern Lights in Muonio every few days.

Harriniva Adventure Resort offers a few good viewing areas. I got lucky with the one down by the river, which was fantastic, and I spotted the northern lights on two occasions on two different nights.

Wrap up warm, download a Northern Lights app for tracking, and remember your camera tripod! Best of luck.

Exploring Lapland’s Enchanting Wilderness and Meeting some local reindeer


We embrace the day by transferring to a reindeer farm, delving into the timeless connection between humans and these majestic creatures.

Harriniva Adventure Resort has a resort called Torassieppi Eco Reindeer Resort, which is an authentic 200-year-old Lapland reindeer farm.

The farm is called Lapinkartano (“Lapland Manor”), where reindeer husbandry has been practised for over a century.

The main house also serves as an inn for travellers between Muonio village and Pallastunturi Fell. You can also visit the reindeer museum and feed the reindeer that roam around the farm.

You’ll meet reindeer at close quarters, and you can embark on a reindeer ride with them during the magical Wintertime.

In this cosy timber Finnish cottage, you can gather a sense of the old days and relax thoroughly in the calm of the wilderness.

Later, we venture to Jeris Lakeside Resort for a scenic lunch amidst breathtaking vistas.


At this point, we were going to embark on a snowmobile adventure. However, the weather reached a chilly -36C, so we had to change up the itinerary. When the weather permits, it is possible to enjoy a snowmobile adventure.

Relax in winter style at the Arctic Sauna World


For an authentic Finnish experience, we immerse ourselves in the Arctic Sauna World, where the soothing heat of the sauna contrasts with the crisp Arctic air.

Here, you will find a selection of 4 different Finnish saunas to try and enjoy.

– Smoke sauna
– Infrared Sauna
– traditional wood sauna
– slow drip sauna

Be sure to try all the different styles and enjoy the relaxing lounge chair chill area to cool down with a glass of refreshing Finnish tap water as you enjoy the views of the river.

When you’re feeling brave enough, try a true Finnish tradition: dip in the outdoor ice pool.

A refreshing ice dip is rather relaxing, especially when you go straight back into the sauna and enjoy all its health benefits.

Returning to Harriniva Adventure Resort, we enjoy a leisurely dinner; you can opt into a buffet meal plan when staying at the resort, which is nice to have catering covered throughout your stay.

You also have the option to pay a little more and upgrade your meal to the Wilderness Plus package to make it a little bit more special, which was a rather nice option.

Before calling it a night, enjoy a nightcap and the bar or see if you can spot the Northern lights again. Absorb the serenity of your surroundings. It’s great to be staying amongst Finnish Lapland nature.

Wrapping Up Our Muonio Adventure and heading to Pallas-Yllästunturi National Park


As our journey draws closer, we bid farewell to Muonio and Harriniva Adventure Resort.

The great thing about the location of Muonio is its proximity to Pallas-Yllästunturi National Park.

You can have a fun day hiking around Pallas on snowshoes, a fun way to explore Winter Lapland.

Be sure to also not miss out on a visit to the Nature Centre of Yllästunturi Visitor Center Kellokas, Äkäslompolo.


You can find a cinema here displaying a documentary about the northern lights and a museum sharing the local life history in Lapland throughout the years.

Also, here, you can find an excellent lunch spot called Kahvila Kellokas, which makes a delightful salmon soup and is a beautiful spot to grab a coffee and cake while enjoying the national park views before heading off.

Winter horseback riding with Polar Lights Tours


Polar Lights Tours for various activities, from horseback riding to encounters with huskies and reindeer.

We conclude our day with a light, wild supper in a remote cabin, cherishing the final moments of our Lapland adventure.

If you wish to go more futher north in Lapland, why not explore Utsjoki, Finland.

Farewell to Muonio and Lapland, Finland


As the train carries us away from Muonio’s tranquil embrace, our hearts are filled with a profound sense of gratitude for the unforgettable experiences we’ve had in Finnish Lapland.

From the exhilarating husky rides to the serene moments by the Arctic Sauna World, each day has been a testament to the timeless allure of nature and the warmth of Lapland hospitality.

As we reflect on the pristine landscapes, the vibrant culture, and the bonds forged with fellow travellers and the remarkable animals of the region, we carry with us not just memories but a deeper appreciation for the beauty and tranquility that Muonio embodies.

Though our journey may have reached its end, the spirit of Finnish Lapland will forever linger within us, a beacon of serenity and wonder amidst life’s bustling currents.

Muonio, this won’t be my last visit, and I can’t wait to return. It’s a true Finnish winter Lapland experience that I will remember for a lifetime.

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