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5 Hidden Gems in the United Kingdom

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If you visit England, there’s more to see than Buckingham Palace. Most people who travel across the pond to see what the UK has to offer think about tourist favorites like Madame Tussauds, Big Ben, or Buckingham Palace with the potential of seeing a Royal Family member.

But while there’s nothing wrong with checking out hot spots that tourists around the world flock to, you might get more out of your vacation by visiting places that are less touristy. That doesn’t mean, however, that something less touristy is any less exciting. In fact, you might enjoy it more when there aren’t hordes of people visiting the same sites. Consider these five hidden gems.

1. Birkenhead Park

Birkenhead Park, also affectionately known as the People’s Park, is a nature lover’s oasis. It consists of 100 acres of nature. That means lakes, meadows, woodland, and more. 

According to sources, the landscape architect who designed Birkenhead Park, the first-ever publicly funded park in the world, drew inspiration from Central Park in the Big Apple. But anyone who has visited the New York City icon will agree that Birkenhead Park in the UK is more serene. For those who love nature, it’s the perfect spot to visit when vacationing in the UK.

2. Amberley Museum

The Amberley Museum in South Downs National Park is another hidden gem in the UK. The institution is committed to safeguarding the South East’s industrial heritage. 

Ensure you earmark enough time to appreciate the 36-acre property with north of 40 exhibits. It might not have the pomp and circumstance of Buckingham Palace, but it’s a great experience if you really like to learn about vacation destinations you visit on a deeper-than-surface level. For instance, you can check out the Life of Lime exhibit to learn about the region’s chalk quarry. You can also see exhibits of a working printship, road steam engines, an electricity hall, and more. 

There’s something for the entire family since the museum hosts 50+ events including things specifically for the kiddos.

3. Cotswold Line Cycle Route

If you don’t like the idea of visiting a foreign country and wasting time merely eating, drinking, and lounging by the pool, check out Cotswold Line Cycle Route when in the UK. While getting the exercise you need to stay fit, you’ll get to tour Cotswold’s scenery. It’s a 77-mile route, and you’ll be able to avoid the challenging hills located further south. Another thing to note is that there’s a railway station even 10 miles along the route. That means you can cycle to your heart’s content and jump on the train to get back when you’re swamped and famished.

4. Yoesden Nature Reserve

Yoesden Nature Reserve is a nature reserve in Buckinghamshire’s Bledlow Ridge. The 13-hectare nature preserve consists of grassland and woodland, and it’s managed by the Berkshire, Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire Wildlife Trust. If you want to see unblemished grassland, beautiful wildflowers, and rare butterflies, this location is worth the visit. 

5. Hartland Abbey

If you ever watched the classic film Sound of Music, you might know what an abbey is. Hartland Abbey, a UK landmark that doesn’t get as much of the shine as some other more popular places in the region, is a former abbey. It’s now home to the Stucley family. You can visit alone, with friends, or with family to see this ancestral home that is also a museum. The gardens on the property are also worth the trip as they contain, among other things, 100+ camellia varieties.

These are five places in the UK that you might not see advertised in promotional videos or brochures. But they’re worth checking out if you visit the area. When visiting, ensure you see these hidden gems. Enjoy the culinary masterpieces the region is famous for, too. 

After your trip, you may wish to recreate your favorite UK dishes at home. Whether in your indoor or custom outdoor kitchen, you can prepare recipes for foods you enjoyed on your UK trip.

That means the benefits of a trip to the UK will last much longer than you may have expected.

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