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Railway adventure across France with SNCF Voyageurs –

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Have you ever wanted to go on a railway adventure across France on the SNCF Voyageurs train network starting from the United Kingdom?

Well, you’re in luck. This is exactly what I will be writing about and sharing in this blog post.

On this trip, I will travel across the SNCF Voyageurs train network, starting with the Eurostar from London, then onwards to Tours by TGV INOUI and then finally on the TER (Train Express Regional) to end my trip across France in Angers.

This is a fun way to travel in style across France using three different types of trains on the SNCF Voyageurs network.

You can make the whole journey by railway, and I’ll share with you the positive aspects of train travel between the UK and France.

What are we waiting for? Let’s start our train adventure across France with SNCF Voyageurs:

First, start your journey from the UK and take the Eurostar from London to Paris

Your adventure will start conveniently in the city centre of London, from St Pancras International train station.

Taking the Eurostar train saves you the hassle of flying from an airport, which is usually located far outside of the city you’re visiting.

Eurostar allows you to go from the centre of London to the centre of Paris in just hours, with the added benefit of a much more generous baggage allowance and fewer restrictions than flying from an airport.

Sit back and relax as you travel under the sea across the Channel Tunnel using Eurostar service.

Travel directly to Paris Gare Du Nord in a few hours. How about that! Now that’s a fast high-speed train service.

I travelled on the Eurostar Business Premier service from London to Paris, which gives you many additional benefits compared to the regular service.

This includes flexibility with your travel booking, an exclusive business premier check-in lane, and access to the lounge before your journey.

On board, you will have more spacious seats and a dining and drink service in addition to the standard service.

The menu in Business Premier is rather special. Michelin-starred chef Raymond Blanc OBE, with over 40 years of experience, has specially created the dining options.

I found the Eurostar service a relaxing and stress-free travelling experience. The journey went by quickly with no issues.

It really is a great way to easily travel from London to Paris in style.

Now you’ve arrived, let’s explore the City of Paris, France

French Railway 2024 1

Once you’ve arrived at Paris Gare Du Nord train station, you’re in the city of Paris and ready to explore.

I recommend booking your accommodation close to the Paris Gare Du Nord train station, as the options in the area are rather affordable compared to other more central parts of Paris. This will make your hotel easily walkable from the train station, which is an added bonus if you’re carrying your luggage.

I went to the Generator Hostel Paris, which has affordable hostel dorms and private rooms. It is a short 20-minute walk from Paris Gare Du Nord train station.

Then, you can use the vast Paris Metro system to explore the city.

Visit the Louvre Museum, check out the Eiffel Tower, see Notre Dame, head out on a canal boat cruise around Saint Martin and walk around the Sacré Coeur for great spots to have lunch. Loads to see and do around Paris. 

My favourite thing to do in Paris is somewhat cliché, but I love to find a nice cafe, order a coffee and a croissant, and watch the world go by. It’s a great way to soak in the local Parisian culture and atmosphere.

Take the TGV INOUI SNCF Voyageurs highspeed train service from Paris to Tours

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Now we’re in Paris, France; you can use the vast network of TGV INOUI SNCF Voyageurs Express train services.

To start your journey, you must first travel across Paris on the Metro to Gare Montparnasse.

You can make the most out of the comprehensive INOUI SNCF Voyageurs services.

On this leg of the trip, I will go to Tours, France. The journey will take around an hour and a half.

I love that you can use the digital ticket QR code attached to your purchase email confirmation to make your train boarding process relatively swift.

In France, travelling by long-distance train rather than car or train reduces greenhouse gas emissions by 95%.

Free Wi-Fi onboard allows you to access the onboard entertainment portal, which unlocks hours of entertainment and helps you pass the time on your train journey.

Head to the TGV bar INOUI, where you can enjoy a wide selection of local products made in France.

Enjoy the comfortable wide seats, laptop power plug, working tables and ample luggage storage facilities onboard on your journey.

In high-speed fashion, you will make it to your destination across France in no time using the TGV INOUI SNCF Voyageurs service.

What to do in and around Tours, France

French Railway 2024 223

Tours is a famous university town located between the two French rivers of Cher and Loire.

I stayed at the ibis budget Tours Centre Gare because it is easy to access the train station and fantastic value for money. You can also request a room with a view of Tours railway station to add fun to your French train adventure.

Once a Roman settlement, today, it’s a traditional gateway for exploring the chateaux of the Loire Valley region.

Famous landmarks include the cathedral, Saint-Gatien, with a Gothic facade and 12th-century Renaissance tower tops.

My recommendation is to head to Plumereau Place, which the locals have nicknamed Plum Square.

This is a perfect spot to grab a chair on one of the bar terraces in the square and enjoy a sunset aperitif. It is also popular amongst the locals of Tours.

Taking the TER (Train Express Regional) SNCF Voyageurs service to Angers

French Railway 2024 292

Next, on my railway adventure across France, I will travel to Angers using the TER (Train Express Regional) SNCF Voyageurs service from Tours.

This train service is more of a local regional service, with more stops along the way.

It’s an affordable way to travel around 11 different regions of France effectively.

Journey time is around an hour and twenty minutes from Tours to Angers.

I liked travelling on this service as it still takes you from city to city, offers enough baggage space, a table to work on, large windows to enjoy the French countryside views, and makes it easy to visit many of the harder-to-reach French regions by train.

I love travelling by train, even on the local regional services, which are still comfortable.

Discover the city of Angers, France, for the day

French Railway 2024 342

Angers is a city in western France beside the Maine River at the edge of the Loire Valley.

I stayed at the Hôtel Mercure Angers Centre Gare because of its central location and comfortable rooms within close proximity of the train station.

Angers is an excellent spot in France to explore on a day trip.

Be sure to visit the stunning castle, Maison d’Adam (Maison des Artisans). Walk around the fortress walls, and don’t forget to enjoy the views over the Maine River.

Angers is the sort of city where you can stroll along the old cobbled streets and take in the history. It’s a fun, walkable city to enjoy.

Visit the Cathédrale St-Maurice, located in the central Place Sainte-Croix. It features twin spires, and incredibly detailed stained-glass rose windows.

Angers’s new side to the city area offers many shops, restaurants, and a thriving cafe culture worth exploring.

Heading back to London with SNCF Voyageurs


Now, we have come to the end of our railway adventure around France with SNCF Voyageurs.

I will take the TGV INOUI SNCF Voyageurs service directly from Angers back to Paris before departing on my return journey by Eurostar back to London. It will be a nice and easy trip back home.

It’s great to be connected to France so easily by train from the UK.

Thank you for reading about my railway adventure across France with SNCF Voyageurs

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Thanks for passing by my blog and reading about my railway adventure across France with SNCF Voyageurs.

I hope you’ve found all the information helpful towards planning your railway adventure across France.

If you have any more questions regarding this trip, please message me; I’ll be more than happy to help.

This blog post was done in collaboration with SNCF Voyageurs. Your ticket to France.

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