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A Guide to Berlin for Couples

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Thinking of getting away from it all with a loved one? Planning a romantic weekend in Berlin? Other cities might claim to be the “capital of love” or some other marketing slogan, but we think our hometown can more than hold its own when it comes to time away with a special someone.

Stroll along the river or through the park on a long, summer evening. Head to the spa for a couple’s massage or sneak secret smooches in the cinema. Go dancing in a historic ballroom and head out for dinner and drinks…

We’ve put together some of our favorite spots for a romantic trip to Berlin for couples.

Are you looking for a place to stay?

Find the perfect place to stay for your romantic getaway in Berlin:

➡ The Circus Hotel: a design-oriented boutique hotel in Berlin-Mitte, housed in a beautifully restored 19th century listed building overlooking Rosenthaler Platz.

➡ The Circus Apartments: Luxury serviced apartments, located on a leafy, quiet side street in one of Berlin’s most sought-after residential areas. Just a stone’s throw from Rosenthaler Platz and all the main attractions of Berlin-Mitte.

➡ The Circus Hostel: Overlooking one of Berlin’s busiest squares. You’ll find us in the heart of a vibrant nightlife and cultural scene in the center of Berlin and within walking distance of many of the city’s famous sights.


Unforgettable Couple’s Retreat: Fall in Love with Berlin

Still wondering what makes Berlin perfect for couples? Here are a few of the most romantic things couples can do in Berlin.

Stroll Through the City

Berlin is a great place for walking. You can follow the river from Alexanderplatz through the historic center of the city until you reach the Tiergarten, stopping for drinks in one of the riverside bars along the way. Or head up towards Prenzlauer Berg, for window shopping, coffee and cake or drinks in one of the many cafes and bars.

Numerous romantic movies have been filmed in Berlin, such as “Berlin, I Love You“, “Wings of Desire“, “A Coffee in Berlin“, “Run Lola Run“, “Beloved Berlin Wall“, and more. Why not take a leisurely stroll with your partner, inspired by one of these love stories? Explore the locations where these iconic films were shot!

The old water tower is a fine spot to take in the sunset across Berlin’s rooftops.

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Museumsinsel, Berlin, Germany.

VaBali – Spa

Step into a world of relaxation at Vabali Spa Berlin. Spoil yourself in one of the many saunas at Berlin’s favorite urban spas, just a short tram ride from The Circus.

They offer all manner of relaxing and cleansing steam and herbal treatments. Why not book a special intensive body wrap or massage for two with a glass of Prosecco?

This Balinese-inspired oasis in the city’s heart is the perfect place to unwind and rejuvenate. You’ll feel completely at ease with 13 saunas, steam baths, pools, and a range of wellness treatments. Indulge in the tranquil Indonesian atmosphere, relax in the sauna garden, and treat yourself to a delicious meal at the Asian-Mediterranean restaurant.

It’s the ultimate urban escape for your mind, body, and soul.

Leave your swimsuits at home, though; Vabali is textile-free.

Sauna at the vabali Spa in Berlin, Germany
Sauna at the vabali Spa


Just around the corner from The Circus Hotel you’ll find PeterPaul, one of the secret gems of Berlin. Enjoy refined German classics to share with your partner. A contemporary twist on tradition, PeterPaul serves German tapas based on Grandma’s recipes.

They whip up delicious traditional dishes like Königsberger Klopse, Sauerbraten, Kassler, fish sticks, braised rutabaga, and more, all meant for sharing right at the center of the table.

It’s a chance to sample a variety of German classics in mini portions!

And once you’ve eaten, head to the Lost My Voice bar on the ground floor of The Circus Hotel for a nightcap.

PeterPaul in Berlin, Germany.
PeterPaul in Berlin, Germany.

Clärchens Ballhaus

People have been dancing, flirting and falling in love at Clärchens Ballhaus for more than 100 years.

This traditional Berlin dance hall is both elegant and old-fashioned, a place to get close to your loved one and remember those very first dates with your partner.

The mirrored walls at this place have seen it all – from heartbreaks to wild parties, mouthwatering food, and hardworking women amidst the chaos.

And guess what? The Berlin bear is still grooving here, with a mix of salsa, Argentine tango, swing, cha cha, and waltz tunes every evening. And get this – you can chow down right in the middle of the dance floor!

Alongside classic German dishes, they whip up some killer wood-fired pizzas and fresh cakes from their own bakery. How cool is that?

So dress up smart, hit the dance floor, and if you need a break you can always cool off on their leafy patio.

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Dancing at Clärchens Ballhaus in Berlin, Germany.
Dancing at Clärchens Ballhaus in Berlin, Germany.

Sputnik Kino

The Sputnik Kino has a unique charm that screams “Kreuzberg cool.”

One of our favorite cinemas in the city, you’ll find Sputnik Kino tucked away on the top floor of a back courtyard close to Hasenheide park, where the cozy screening rooms show the best in mainstream and independent cinema, and even have “couples” seats so you can cuddle up during the film.

With its quirky mix of brick-built seating and cozy two-seaters for lovebirds, this Berlin cinema stands out from the rest. The main theater, with room for 77 movie buffs, has its own vibe. And don’t miss Cinema Auditorium 2, aka “Kulturrevolution,” where you can kick back on sofas and armchairs in a setting that feels more like a cozy living room than a traditional movie theater.

But the real showstopper?

The bar also has amazing views across the rooftops, so another good spot to watch the sun go down before the movie. The breathtaking views from the cinema bar’s large French windows and balconies, offering a stunning panorama of Berlin’s rooftops.

And let’s talk about the bar itself—it’s spacious, open-concept, and boasts a funky yellow counter straight out of the ’50s.

It’s the perfect spot to grab a drink and soak in the Berlin vibes.

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Bar at the SputnikKino in Berlin, Germany.
Bar at the SputnikKino in Berlin, Germany.

Take a Romantic River Cruise

Let’s keep the romance going with a lovely river cruise!

Enhance your romantic getaway by hopping on a boat and cruising along the Spree River. Even if you think you’ve seen all of Berlin, seeing it from the water offers a whole new perspective, revealing a side of the city you never knew existed.

And if you need more convincing, a river cruise is hands down one of the most romantic things to do in Berlin! As you sail along, you’ll learn about the city’s captivating history and take in the stunning sights from a unique vantage point. For an extra touch of romance, opt for a sunset cruise.

River Spree in Berlin, Germany.
River Spree in Berlin, Germany.

Explore the Most Romantic District in Berlin – Charlottenburg

Discover the enchanting charm of Charlottenburg, the most romantic district in Berlin.

Home to the exquisite Charlottenburg Palace, this area boasts stunning baroque architecture and lush gardens fit for royalty.

Originally commissioned by Queen Sophia Charlotte, Charlottenburg Palace stands as a testament to the grandeur of Prussian kings. Make sure to explore the palace’s interiors, including the impressive oak gallery, the elegant Porcelain Room showcasing Chinese and Japanese collections, and the ornate White Room and Golden Gallery adorned with rococo and French paintings.

Don’t forget to wander through the picturesque Charlottenburg Gardens and park, which have evolved over time to blend French and British landscape styles. Take your time to soak in the beauty of the surroundings and enjoy a leisurely stroll through this historical gem.

Managed by the Prussian Palaces and Gardens Foundation Berlin-Brandenburg, Charlottenburg Palace and its grounds offer the perfect setting for a romantic outing. Spend a few hours here to fully immerse yourself in this captivating district’s regal atmosphere and history.

Charlottenburg Palace in Berlin, Germany.
Charlottenburg Palace in Berlin, Germany.

Visit Berlin’s Most Beautiful Bridge, Oberbaumbrücke

The Oberbaumbrücke is not only Berlin’s most picturesque and romantic bridge but also an ideal spot for a dreamy photoshoot.

This historic red brick bridge links the shores of the Spree River in the heart of Berlin, connecting the vibrant neighborhoods of Friedrichshain and Kreuzberg. Once divided by the Berlin Wall, the Oberbaumbrücke now stands as a powerful symbol of German unity, making it a must-visit for couples seeking a meaningful experience.

Witness breathtaking sunsets, take a leisurely stroll along the river, and unwind at one of the cozy riverside cafes. Don’t miss out on this enchanting spot for a memorable romantic outing!

Trabis at the Oberbaumbrücke in Berlin, Germany.
Trabis at the Oberbaumbrücke
in Berlin, Germany.

Romantic Stays at The Circus

Sounds good? But after exploring the city with your loved one, you need the perfect place to stay for your romantic getaway in Berlin for couples. At The Circus Hotel, we have our garden courtyard, Lost My Voice bar and roof terrace, while at The Circus Apartments, our Penthouse offers spectacular views across the city.

At both The Circus Hotel and Apartments you can pre-book a bottle of sparkling Sekt to be waiting for you when you arrive, or how about booking a massage with our partner SoulHouse?

Our special Romantic Box can be booked in advance or at the reception. If you need a late check-out, let us know, and we’ll see what we can do.

Don’t forget – you’ll always get the best price for your couples trip to Berlin by booking with us directly, and you can check out our comfortable rooms, suites and apartments here.

Cozy 1 bedroom apartment at the Circus Apartment in Berlin.
Cozy 1 bedroom apartment at the Circus Apartment in Berlin.

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